You are what you eat

Better late than never.

New Years Resolution: Ah 2017, we're 24 days in and (hopefully) everyone is still going strong on their New Years Resolutions. One of mine and the hardest resolution I've ever taken a stab at has been to do a cleanse for the first 47 days of the year (I chose 47 days because I'm going on a cruise on the 48th day and well you know #buffet).

My cleanse was built around some difficulties I've had with my body the past couple years:

  1. The main problem was joint pain in my hands. I have developed a sensitivity to gluten in my diet that has caused me to feel a pain similar to arthritis. My doctor recommended an anti-inflammatory diet which means no gluten, no dairy and no added sugar. So pretty much everything I love. FML.
  2. Second problem, my skin. I was breaking out like never before and I knew I wasn't being as healthy as I should be.
  3. Lastly, I wasn't happy with the way I was looking. I love food and I needed to bring the reins in a little bit and take control. This is my body and I should love it,

 I decided after more research that I would also take out whole grains and meat to do a half ass elimination diet. The elimination diet takes almost everything out of your diet and allows you to feel the effects on your body each food has as you bring it back in. Getting to the point here, I'm only eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans for 47 days. This means no alcohol, no added salt, no added sugar, nothing but whole foods from the earth. 

DISCLAIMER: So far I've seen red and devoured candy, carbs and cheese only a few times (three to be exact). I consider this to be a victory as I didn't think I'd last more than a few days. 

What I've learned: I've learned so far that taking the crap out of your diet makes you, for the most part, stop craving the crap. You realize what makes you feel good and when you cheat on your diet, what makes you feel horrible. I've learned that you can live on the nutrients from whole, raw foods. I've had days where I have had zero energy and days I've had the most energy I've had in months. I've learned when to eat what and to listen to my body.

What's happening to my skin: In school, they teach you that there is no science between what you eat and your skin. This, to me, is INSANE. The skin is the largest organ to eliminate waste. Think of the last time you had a night out on the town and the next morning smelling of alcohol, this is because your skin is eliminating waste. The waste that is eliminated must effect how  My skin has gone through a few stages. First it was pretty horrible, I had a lot of cystic acne on my cheeks, that took a while to clear up. Then, I began to get a lot of congestion in my chin, blackheads and more cystic acne. My teacher at school agreed when I mentioned it felt like my body was purging toxins. I was getting acne in places I usually didn't and my skin is usually pretty consistent. Now, 24 days in, I have clear skin. I haven't had anything on my cheeks in a few weeks and my chin has been clear for a week. I'm planning on having a micro needling treatment done sometime this week, I will report back.

What I want to do with all of this information: I have created a page on my website called "Nutrition", I want to continue to research food and what it does for our skin. For instance, blueberries are full of antioxidants, antioxidants prevent wrinkles and help protect your skin from harsh free radicals making blueberries a tasty, skin enhancing snack!

What happens next: As I continue to cleanse, I have realized what I no longer want to put in my body. When this is all over I plan to keep up with what I'm doing but add a few things like lean meat, fish, healthy fats and whole grains such as quinoa. 

I'd love to hear about any diets or cleanses that you have done, this is a total learning experience for me and it's awesome to hear what other people have learned!

Thanks for reading!