Coconut Oil

I have been trying to find a way to replace a lot of unhealthy and chemically dense products with natural products. If you're looking to do the same, this is a great place to start. Coconut oil is great for EVERYTHING. I usually buy my coconut oil from Costco, from there it's divided into a few different containers, one for cooking, one for skin, body and makeup care and one for the bedroom. Always be sure to purchase organic, unrefined coconut oil.

1. Makeup Removal

Coconut oil is SO GOOD for eye makeup removal. Put a little bit on a cotton round and use just like store bought makeup remover. It has a nice oily texture that doesn't leave your eyes feeling dry. 

2. (Dad skip this one) Lube

This was all my mans idea, but I am sure glad we tried it! When you really think about it, do you want to be using KY with a warming sensation down there? What is that even made of?! That's a sensitive area and now that we're hooked on coconut oil I couldn't imagine using anything but. It's natural, slick and slippery all the things you want in a personal lubricant. It's even great in the shower and after you're done doing the dirty you feel very moisturized!

3. Cooking

At home we have tried to replace cooking oils such as olive and vegetable with coconut oil. Some foods you can't even tell, some it enhances the taste and some I don't care for. On a skillet I use it like butter since our coconut oil generally stays in a solid state. Scoop a little with a spoon and melt it on the pan before adding your food! If we need it to be in oil form we scoop a little and microwave it just like we do for butter. Seconds at a time.

My favorite snack I make with coconut oil is popcorn!

Put a scoop in a pot with some popcorn kernels and let it pop, it is so delicious. 

4. Body Moisturizer

If you've read any of my other posts you know how dry my skin is, I mean DRY. Coconut oil is great for hydration. I personally do not like using coconut oil on my skin unless I'm in the shower but that's a personal preference! For me, when I'm done in the shower and ready to get out I take a clump of coconut oil and rub it all over my body. I like to rinse it off, but you don't have to, that's again personal preference. When I'm rinsing it off, my man tells me I look like I'm waterproof. The coconut oil gives almost a protective barrier on your skin and the water pills right off.

5. Scalp Treatment

If you have a dry scalp it's great to shampoo, condition and then rub some coconut oil on your scalp. This you need to rinse out well because it can leave your scalp feeling oily. You can also put this on at night and sleep with it on, then shampoo and condition in the morning. Find what works best for you and your hair type.

6. Coffee Creamer

This one took me a little bit to get used to. Probably because I'm used to the coffee creamer that is mostly chemicals and tastes like heaven and girl scout cookies. When I went on my cleanse at the beginning of 2017 I took out coffee, but when tea wasn't cutting it I would have a cup of black coffee with coconut oil and cinnamon for flavor. It's much better for you than most creamers!

7. Healthy Fat in Smoothies

I'm not sure if it because of the type of smoothies I'm making but whenever I do this I can't taste the coconut oil at all. For some that may be a positive! Adding coconut oil to your smoothies gives it a nice creamy texture and adds a healthy fat similar to an avocado. 

My favorite smoothie:

Cucumber juice or a cucumber if you don't have a juicer

Coconut milk

Frozen organic peaches or fresh peaches (not canned)

1 Banana


1 TBSP coconut oil

8. Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is expensive, and it's one of those things I just don't like to buy. I love coconut oil for this reason, it's hydrating and soaks in nicely!

9. MakeUp Brush Cleaner

2 tsp of coconut oil

3 tsp lemon juice

Mix these together and swirl your brushes around in it until they're makeup free! I make this mixture for the week and clean my brushes daily, 

Thanks for reading!