Acai Bowl

Am I the only one having their first acai bowl?! These wonderful little antioxidant rich treats are amazing for our skin and full of nutrients. Antioxidants help protect our skin from free radicals in the air as well as aging. Free radicals are pollutants in the air such or dirt, dust and debris that damage the skin and cause aging.

Last week Kyle and I made a few acai bowls for the first time. Check em out!



(to make one bowl)

Acai packet- frozen

Coconut- for a "bowl", you can use a regular bowl

2 bananas



Shredded coconut

GF granola




In a blender, blend one banana and the packet of frozen acai. Pour into a bowl and put toppings on as desired. I chose the berries, banana, granola and coconut.

Other topping options:


chia seeds

hemp seeds

edible flowers

Thanks for reading!