My Favorite Smoothie x2

In the past few months I have been joining my girlfriend Sarah to Yoga Sculpt at CorePower. If you have even attended this class, you know this is NOT yoga. This is a hardcore workout, you're in a 95 degree room, blasting Justin Bieber doing 1,000 squats and an occasional flow. It's awesome but it kicks my ass every time. Getting to the point, we love to treat ourselves after this class (healthy treat of course). Close by is a local grocery store, Alfalfa's, with a wonderful juice and smoothie bar, my fave is the peachy green. I started making this smoothie at home right away, it's so delish! Below is the recipe for the peachy green as well as another go-to smoothie recipe at my house (; Enjoy!


Juice of one cucumber OR 1/2 cucumber, skin on

Coconut Water OR Coconut milk

1 fresh, organic peach (or organic frozen, NOT canned)

1 banana

Handful of kale


Handful of spinach

Handful of kale

Coconut water

Fresh or frozen organic pineapple (NOT canned)

1 Banana

Flax Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Scoop of maca


**For both smoothies put all of the ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth, then enjoy! Sometimes I make double and have it the next day. 

Thanks for reading!

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