Let's talk ACNE

Almost everyone has it (and for those of you that don't, ugh we're jealous) the dreaded zit. There are so many ideas of what to do and what not to do, let's hash them out!


There are a few specific ingredients that I specifically look for when choosing an acne product, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, AHA's and BHA's. These are all preventatives. I also look for soothing properties like aloe and antiseptic ingredients like tea tree oil. Check out the back of your products and do a quick google search on the ingredients, it gives a lot of perspective on what you're putting on your face.


1. Over Exfoliate

When you're having a breakout the last thing you want to do is spread that infection. At the same time, you want to slough away the dead skin to begin the healing process.

Imagine this: you have a small cluster of whiteheads and you're using a harsh scrub, the pimples break open mid-scrubbing and you're now moving that infection around, leading to more zits (bleh). No thank you!!

The best option is to look for an exfoliant with enzymes, an enzyme (AHA, BHA, fruit enzymes) will scrub for you! You will put this exfoliant on your face in the shower and DO NOT scrub. You just let it sit and the steam and the enzymes do all the work. They're like little pacmen munching away at dead skin, very cute.

2. Pick

Okay, I'm the worst. I see a pimple and I LOVE to pop it. Ever watch Dr. Pimple Popper? Yeah, I can't get enough. Anyways, picking leads to scarring and a longer healing process. No one wants that. If you feel you need extractions, go to your esthetician, they will take care of you properly. If you're suffering from consistent acne or congestion in your skin it's best to see your esthetician regularly to help!

Sidenote: there are proper ways to pop a zit if you can't make it to your esthetician. I don't recommend it but I will be posting a few how to tips to make sure you're not damaging your beautiful face!

3. Change your routine

If this is a once and awhile breakout, stick with your routine. Changing it up could freak your skin out and make it worse. Make sure that if you have acne prone skin you're using a preventative regimen and sticking with it.

4. NOT Change your routine

I know, I just said the total opposite. But if you're having regular breakouts, something isn't working. Do you have the proper skincare? Are you following your regimen? Check into your diet, are you having a lot of sugar and/or carbs? Are you drinking a lot (guilty)? 


1. Stick with your routine

If I ever get lazy with my skin care routine I can notice a difference in my skin pretty quickly. Try your hardest to keep up with your routine and visit your esthetician as often as your wallet allows. I like to keep makeup remover wipes in my nightstand just in case I have a night where I'm feeling way too exhausted to wash my face. Getting that face makeup off before bed is very important.

Side note: visit a school, they generally have much lower prices and great products!

2. Clean your makeup brushes

I know it's a lot to ask but cleaning your makeup brushes after each use can greatly improve your skin. There can be a lot of bacteria buildup on your brushes and you don't want that in your makeup or on your face. 

3. Check out what you're eating

What goes in your body, will come out. Your skin is your largest organ and you better believe if you're filling you body with crap, it will show on your skin. Excess sugar, dairy, gluten and grease can be major acne creators.

4. Change your pillowcase EVERY NIGHT

After sleeping on your pillow at night, drooling and sweating or whatever we do when we're asleep there can be a lot of bacteria and junk on your pillowcase. So when you lay down on your pillow the following night with a clean face all of that is on your skin. Kind of gross when you really think about it. Also, if you're noticing more breakouts on the side you sleep on, try and make a conscious effort to switch sides.

5. Bring oxypads to the gym

Next time you're at target, grab a small container of oxypads. They're small enough to fit in your gym bag. After a workout, head right to the bathroom and use one all over your face (and back if necessary). This helps get rid of sweat and dirt that could clog your pores and make you breakout on your drive home.


Thanks for reading!